Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the property?

The property is located on the southeast corner of 56 Ave (Highway 10) and 148 Street in Surrey, BC – adjacent to the building where our current leased Ministry Centre is located. The property is approximately 6 acres in size.

Why this location?

It was difficult to find land that was large enough and had a chance of being rezoned to our needs. Much of what looks like open land is reserved under the provincial land reserve program and is unavailable to build on. Where there are land options, it is zoned as light industrial, residential, or commercial with little to no guarantee that the residents or City of Surrey would allow appropriate rezoning to occur.

Our goal was to find a plot of land that was a workable size, had a reasonable chance of being rezoned, had the ability to share parking, and was not an exorbitant price. Before this particular site, we had interest in 2 or 3 other properties that we pursued. The present location was brought to our attention through an introduction from the City of Surrey who were very helpful with our search. The whole journey has been over 5 years so far.

Why the February 28th deadline?

We determined this property was the one that could meet our needs in June 2015, and entered into a contract to purchase, subject to a number of conditions including the appropriate rezoning being achieved. We spent almost 2 years on a development application working with numerous City of Surrey departments, various technical consultants, and conducting multiple meetings with resident representatives – all towards a request to rezone the land for assembly and office gathering. The land was approved for rezoning in April 2017 and based on the work to be done with the City and the remaining subdivision work by the vendor, we can expect to close the purchase anytime between late 2017 and Spring 2018. We choose a date roughly in the middle – February 2018.

Will there be enough parking?

Yes. This was a key part of the development application that included traffic consultants – a requirement by Surrey. The property itself will include a good number of spots including what will likely have to be a couple levels of underground parking. We also have a reciprocal parking agreement on title with 14928 (our current Ministry Centre) on weeknights and weekends as well as an agreement in principle for shared parking on weekends with the Benchmark East Building at 152nd Street and 54A Ave. The latter would include a shuttle service.

Will we be able to raise the money?

We really don’t know what kind of resources the people of Village Church have. This campaign is a first for us being only a little over 8 years old. That being said, many people probably don’t have large amounts of cash just sitting there to give; what we are asking people to do is to think and pray about re-prioritizing their finances to make the kind of gift they would like to make by February 2018, to support a moment in our history that we may not get another chance to do again.

There are many ways to give. See this link for more ideas that might surprise you.

What happens if we don't raise enough money?

If necessary, we would consider financing the difference between what we have raised and the $10 million. It all depends on what that gap is. We trust that God has brought us this far so we are expecting him to work through his people to provide all the necessary resources in a timely way.

Why not just get a mortgage instead of campaigning for $10M?

We could put down a minimum % and have the bank loan us the rest of the money to buy the land but we want to raise the $10 million to pay for the land outright for two reasons:

  • Once we have the land paid for we are in a position to borrow against the land to build the building – only if we had to.
  • We want to get into a building as soon as possible given the precariousness of our situation as revealed in the Lease vs. Build analysis. Read the summary here.
What if we raise more than we need?

Any amounts given and remaining over and above the amount needed to purchase the land will be carried forward into the building phase of the project.

Why can't we keep doing what we're doing?

There are many reasons why we cannot just do nothing, most of them related to limitations that block our vision, higher costs, as well as our growing vulnerability. This is explained more in our Lease vs. Build analysis summarized here.

What is the timeline for construction?

Our goal is to be turning the ground by mid-2019 and walking into a new building sometime in 2021. The work between now and 2019 includes completing a detailed design in order to get plans into the City of Surrey for approved permits, which can take upwards of one year.

This is a defining moment in Village’s growth and mission. This is a whole new step in faith for Village.

How much will a building cost?

The projected preliminary cost for a new Ministry Centre is $20-25M. We are trusting God to work through his people in amazing ways, as demonstrated in the land phase, to provide the entire amount over the 3-4 year period. At a minimum, we would like to see at least 50% of the building funds raised.

We will begin a Step 2 campaign mid-2019 to start raising funds for the build.
The design/build process will be over four (4) tax years, which amounts to approximately $6M/ year to be raised if we want to achieve our faith goal of no financing required. We believe that is only possible by God’s hand so we trust him for the next level of generosity from his people.