Dear Village family,

This is an exciting moment in the life of our church. God has blessed us as a young church in meeting all of our financial needs both operationally and in our local and global mission projects since the first year we launched (2010) with just 100 people! We have so much to be thankful for. First and foremost, we’re thankful to Jesus for stirring that spirit of consistent giving in you, and secondly, to you for being obedient to that calling.

The story of Village Church has always been a story of movement — even in regard to the physical spaces and locations we gather in! We launched in an elementary school gym in January 2010, and have just opened our first cross-province location, Village Church Calgary, with a lot of different spaces in between!

Now we embark on a new chapter in the life of Village Church, one that sees us needing to build a permanent home — a hub out of which to do the next level of ministry God is calling us to in the Greater Vancouver Area, and across Canada (Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and beyond). 2017–2018 is the season God has now put before us as a people. We all share in, and are excited about, the vision and mission of our church and it is now time to give with generosity into that mission in a huge way. Generosity is, of course, a central expression of the life of a committed follower of Jesus. We really don’t get it until we get this part of our life right. Which is why Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matt. 6:21). That is why this is such an exciting time for our church because we get to be stretched together in a way we haven’t been yet. The stories are already starting to come in about how God is speaking to people, and putting it on their hearts to give to this in crazy ways!

To put this season in context, this marks the first time we are coming to you and asking for giving above and beyond your yearly personal giving to the operational budget of the church. I am so excited to see what God stirs in all of us, including me and my family as we start to pray and talk about what we will give to this campaign. We have a dream to always be a generous church because that in and of itself is a witness to the world. For the world will continue to look on at what God does among us and see all the things that don’t look possible and yet are happening (including building this ministry centre) and all we will be able to say is the same thing we have been forced to say for the last seven years: “Only God could do this!”

This is where we all join together — all ages and stages and locations of Village Church — to do step one of a two step process: purchase the land ($10 million), upon which we will build an amazing venue to serve our neighbours, cities, nation, and even people globally. Everything we want to do in ministry in the coming years will be exponentially better served by having our own home out of which to launch our message and ministries. That includes weekly experiences at all of our locations, church planting, kids and youth ministry across locations, helping villages in India and Uganda, and more.

In ways we can’t really imagine right now (as we couldn’t imagine when we were 16 people meeting in my townhouse) this ministry centre will serve to build a legacy of gospel-centered mission and ministry in living rooms, neighbourhoods, towns, and cities, across our country and beyond. And that will go on to impact a generation.

It’s about to get real…. and it starts with you and me. Now.

This is that story.

Pastor Mark